Door to Door Flier Distribution, Hit the Ground Running with This Old-School, Ground-Level, Distribution Method, That Still Rocks

In today’s quick-paced business world, where gadgetry and social media presence appear to rule the day, it’s easy to overlook old-school ground-level distribution methods. But, they do work. Remember the door to door salesman became a cliche, because he was a sales staple and a force to be reckoned with in his own domain. As an entrepreneur, with a need to get the word out about your stunning new product, or service, it serves you not to overlook the basics, or in this case, door to door flyer distribution.

Averaging 2-8 cents per item, allowing for how fancy you go with graphics, and how wide you aim to distribute, fliers are very cost-effective. A good online vendor can get you 200+ door hangers, attractively designed with your message, for less than $100. Or, if you can shell out a bit more, there are companies that will distribute to the commercial, or residential area, you specify, for you. One enterprising business person had fliers made and then gave them to a boy scout troop to deliver, thereby harnessing unpaid labor that no house-owner is likely to slam the door on.

Even if you decide to cut out the middleman and distribute yourself, which is a good idea, as face time with customers is a plus, you need to make the pennies count. Keep the design bold, colorful and easy to read on the fly, forgiving the pun. Remember, you are intruding, however tactfully, on your customer’s property and time. Take the time to figure out who your niche customer is before you shower an area with your paper sales pitches.

You should also have your verbal sales pitch ready, should you find yourself greeted at the door. Smile, dress professionally. and you are apt to be surprised by how few take offence at a quick, “Hello, I’m Entrepreneurial Ernie, and I have this great new service on Long Street, you should feel free to come on by. In fact, the personal touch is almost always appreciated and frequently a memorable clincher.

Fortunately, whether you get to meet your customer, or not, door hangers are, unlike mail circulars, stand-alone items and hard to miss. If possible, up the customer value and the sales potential with a coupon, which can also serve as a tracking device. How?Include a specific URL that is unique to different demographic areas, that way you know who is paying attention to your offer. The final thought here is that with some savvy forethought and some innovative design, fliers can be a great hit-the-ground running strategy for a new, or established business.