I Got Run over by a Skier

It is a bit of a surprise, but the accident really was not my fault.That is not to say that I am a good skier, I am really not any good at all. However I know better than to ski in a straight line and I know that you sit down when you are going as fast as this guy was without any control. I looked back in time to see him, but it was too late and I hit a tree after he hit me. The San Jose chiropractor that I saw when I got back home explained what was wrong with my back, to put it briefly the bones in it were not where they were supposed to be. Of course I looked really bad, but there was nothing seriously wrong with me aside from needing the vertebra in my spine moved around until they were in the proper alignment.

I had this enormous knot on the side of my head and they took a bunch of x rays to make sure that there were not any fractures in my skull. I am black and blue in a lot of places and it does not seem that this is going to change any time soon. However there really is not any severe damage it would seem. I did think that I was going to need a crutch at first, but after I got a night’s sleep my leg started to heal enough that I could move around with just a limp. They gave me some pain pills at the ski resort’s clinic, but I was reluctant to take them. Instead of doing like they said I got a sharp knife and cut them in half, then only took a half of a pill instead of the whole one they told me to take.