The Tapping Was in the Room

My family and I were sitting to dinner one busy night and we heard scratching in the wall of our living room. I could not believe what I was hearing, my family said that it definitely was not something that was going to be small. I was so worried that I had no idea who had to call to come and see what was in our wall. I knew that it was scratching so I called the bird control in Monmouth County NJ to ask them if they were going to come to the house and see what was in our house. I was really scared and my kids, who are teens, said that they were going to get a bat and a net from the rec room to see if they could swat and catch whatever was in the wall. I could only imagine it being a squirrel and I could never get that thought out of my mind so I told them they better not hurt the animal.

People are really funny when things get scary, they will either buy into the scare or they will actually go and try to find out what is scaring them with no fear. I wish I could be one of the guys that had no fear when they were trying to catch it with a net. I could not even imagine being in the house at the time the professional was coming over to look at it because even though they try not to, they could still hurt the animal and I would not be able to handle that. Sometimes things are best left unsaid and also left undone. I did not want to make a big deal about the different animals because I could get heartbroken is something were to happen.